The Sound Distillery

We’re happy to be working with some very talented local boys on this project.  Our friends Dave Houde and Will Miur are the owners and produgineers at the Sound Distillery Recording Studio in Kitchener, Ontario, where we will be recording through the winter.  These guys have been putting out records from some of the coolest artists in the KW area for several years now and have brought some real talent and class (ok not that much class) to the music scene here.

The experience of recording at the sound distillery is unique.  It’s in a space above a hip cafe in downtown kitchener.  The patrons and passers by would have no idea that there was a fully functioning recording studio upstairs unless you told them.  Once inside, the Sound Distillery is as warm and cozy as your own livingroom, and that’s an appealing qiality when you spend as much time in a place as we are right now.  Besides being technically and musically proficient, these guys are creative and ballsy, and they strive not always to capture the most perfect recording, but to capture a great performance.  You can’t fix it in the mix if it’s not on the tape to begin with.

To hear some of the stellar work they’ve done, check out their discography featuring bands like the Conor Gaines Band, Daddy Long Legs, and Aisles, just to name a few.



Sound Distillery



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